Deluxe Strung Hunter Case Strung,Recurve, Longbow, Traditional, Self bow, Case, Bag, Cover, quiver attached, Bow Hunting,

Deluxe Strung Hunter Case (200-24)

4.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
Our Deluxe Strung Hunter Case, as with all of our Hunter Cases, allows you to transport and store your bow with an attached quiver full of arrows. Our unique design lets you slide your strung Longbow or Recurve bow with a quiver attached into the...
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Great case - Only 1 gripe

I bought 2 of these cases and they're VERY nice. Only nit to pick is that the zipper tries to "unzip" itself. Wish it locked in more somehow when fully zipped and stayed that way. There is a ring near the zipper when closed that you could use to clip the zipper in place, but I wish it weren't necessary. Overall, a very nice case though.

Reviews 1-1 of 1